Stepping out in Beckett Simonon shoes

Preface: Beckett Simonon reached out to me earlier this year to see if I would be interested in trying out a few pairs of shoes in exchange for an honest review. Lucky for S, they specialize in handmade men’s shoes. Before proceeding, I was assured that Beckett Simonon was interested in reviews aligned with Medlare guidelines and would not influence or request specific commentary within the review due to the product being a gift.

Founded in Colombia, Beckett Simonon embraces the direct-to-consumer mantra of cutting out the middlemen from distribution and manufacturing processes, but they go the extra mile on passing back savings by relying on pre-orders and small-batch production runs. In other words, instead of being saddled with inventory costs, your shoes don’t start to come to life until customers have committed to orders. Because of this, you should expect to make purchases well in advance actual use, with orders taking an average of 8-12 weeks to complete.   

I’ll handoff here for a guest review conducted by S himself: 

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Beckett Simonon production email updates

Beckett Simonon production email updates

  • Quality 🥟  I admittedly was a bit skeptical when I was told I could select a few pairs of free shoes that would be custom made. While I can’t attest to the long-term durability, I was immediately impressed with how these shoes felt and looked built to last. The quality of the construction is excellent, and the soles are well made but not so solid as to be uncomfortable. I expected to need a few wears to break in the leather but was able to bypass any blisters that often accompany a new pair of dress shoes. 

  • Pricing 🍜 the shoes are regularly priced ~$200, similarly priced to other d2c shoes on the market but over half the price of comparable quality shoes such as Allen Edmonds. Customers can take advantage of pricing when Beckett Simonon offers discounts on certain styles that are nearing the start of a batch production. 

  • Transparency 🍚 Beckett Simonon makes a point of sharing their production practices and sources on their website.  The company focuses on creating value across their supply chain by treating their partners fairly and ethically sourcing their materials.  In addition to providing upfront information on manufacturing, once the shoes were in production, I received regular email updates throughout the manufacturing cycle as well as the background on the craftspeople driving the process 

  • Happy Customers 🥢 I’ll report more in this area as I continue to wear the shoes, but based on my experience thus far, have not had any issues with the responsiveness as well as assistance I have received. At a cursory glance, other customer reviews have indicated similar sentiment. 

  • Delivery & Returns 🥡 shipping is free for new purchases, returns, and exchanges. Seemingly in recognition of long lead times, Beckett allows customers to cancel their orders at any time. While Beckett’s approach is not to carry inventory, they do manufacture a few extra pairs per batch to help facilitate some exchanges for incorrect sizing. I incorrectly selected a size on a pair of the shoes I selected and was concerned I would have to wait another cycle, but the company was able to readily make the exchange.  

  • Good Karma 🥠 from the research and interactions, the company is committed to more than just making money, prioritizing who they choose to work with as well as being forthright on reforming U.S. immigration.

minor meddling: what could be better

Size Guide

Size Guide

  • Sizing Predictions: because customers may run the risk of needing different sizing than initial estimates, I’d like to see more digital tools enhancing the size guide. Currently, there is a table that shows comparable shoes; however, I did not have examples to reconcile and ended up guessing based off a pair of Jack Erwin shoes I had. I was lucky to be able to quickly exchange the shoes, but if the production run didn’t include the size, I’m not sure I would have been able to receive another pair.   

  • Shoe Timeline Projections:  you definitely need to be comfortable with a long lead time on these orders. I think what may be interesting is when certain styles are approaching production times, and how the company may be able to let interested customers know the order time may be shorter than the 8-12 week estimates. 

I am sincerely enjoying wearing these shoes. When it is time to replace my other shoes, I plan on returning to procure from Beckett Simonon. 


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