Slinking around town in Lunya Sleepwear

Dreamt in Santa Monica, Lunya is “reinventing sleepwear for women”. Admittedly, my purchases have been with the full intention of parading around town in their clothing rather than snoozing in them. I’ve been on a sweater over a slip dress kick this summer (SF weather), and when I saw that Lunya had washable silk, I was in. I have also been living in their Restore muscle tee ($62) & Cool tee ($78) during yoga teacher training, but the price point makes it tougher for me to explore more of their cotton products. While I haven’t personally felt that the restorative and cooling fabric technology has enhanced my wear, I do appreciate the innovative approach at tackling basics. The review is split in half because overall, their washable silk items are standout and something I will continue to invest in, but I am a bit pickier on the other items.

Lunya silk serving 🥟🥢🍜🍚

Lunya cotton tops serving 🥢🍚

  • Quality 🥟 At $198, the silk is washable (think about the dry cleaning costs alone!), comfortable, and an impressive weight. It doesn’t feel flimsy and has an almost velvety texture to make the dress feel suitable to wear out. The cotton tops have been my go-to for long days at the studio and despite S accidentally tossing one into the dryer, they have retained their shape and texture. I am pretty keen on the cut and style of the tops (longer and not clingy). I’m not entirely convinced that the technology within the fabric is soothing my muscles or keeping me cooler, but the extra side chest coverage has been great for lounging around and working out. The Restore tank does have a similar weight to my Everlane tee while the Cool texture feels a little lighter and more akin to ribbed dri-fit material. I want to pick up another Restore top but will pass on the Cool material. It feels a bit flimsier and with just one wash and less than a few weeks wear, a few tiny holes have started to develop. Lunya was kind enough to ship a replacement out. I think if you choose to use them as sleeping tops, they’ll hold up just fine, but I prefer to have the flexibility to sub them in as everyday wear.

  • Customers 🥢 my first package came with the wrong dress inside. Lunya’s customer service team was apologetic and noted they had switched warehouses that week. They readily emailed me a prepaid return label and also shipped the correct item out. I emailed Lunya about the holes developing in the Cool tee, and within the day they had shipped out a replacement with some kind words.

  • Pricing 🍜I was split on pricing here. I find Lunya’s silk products to be the best value in their collection. I really enjoy wearing the silk slip dress and find it to be durable and resilient. I assume the higher pricing for their cotton tops (~$70) is a combination of the technologies applied and because the manufacturing is done in the US but find it a bit harder to stomach for pima cotton when there are a lot of options already out there.

  • Transparency 🍚 Lunya takes you into their process as well as notes where they source and manufacture their products.  

Restore Muscle Tee (XS in Moonstone)

Restore Muscle Tee (XS in Moonstone)

minor meddling: what could be better

  • Deliver 🥡shipping is $5 for orders under $200. This irks me a bit because almost every item on their site costs <$200, their popular silk sets ($178) and dresses ($198). I can appreciate they’re a smaller company and eating shipping costs is difficult, but many in this space (especially touting luxury) offer free shipping or at lower price thresholds. I have been slowly adding pieces to my wardrobe, and the $5 has made me hit pause.  

  • Good Karma 🥠 Lunya does mention they try to work with Fair Trade partners and manufacture as ethically when possible. I’d like to see this area expand more as they continue to grow and refine their practices.

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