Finding ways to have fewer, better things with Cuyana 🥟🥢🍚🥡🥠


Cuyana is a thoughtful womenswear and accessories dtc brand. Founded in 2011, its motto is Fewer, Better Things. Their focus is on releasing high quality products at a slower pace. While their pricing on accessories is comparable to companies such as Everlane or Grana, their clothing comes in a bit higher. This is likely because Cuyana produces some pieces such as their silk tops in the U.S. while the others produce in Asia. Cuyana also urges its clientele to buy less and maintain a lean closet. I’m a big fan of their leather pouches and use their suede tote on a daily basis to schlep around my computer and other nonsense. I do own a crisp white button up which has a nice folded detail in the back, but I haven’t saved up enough to invest in their other pieces.  

  • Quality 🥟 their leather and suede goods are beautifully made but also retain their structure. I really like their $110 two pouch set, which I also opted to have monogrammed for an additional $10.

  • Customers 🥢 I’m admittedly unsure here but presume Cuyana is customer focused. They have a few standalone stores, and I thought everyone was quite helpful in the SF location. I do appreciate their site feature, which allow you to send a hint to someone with the items you’re interested in (great for those gifters who have no clue… looking at you S).

  • Transparency 🍚 the origins and production of their products is listed on their Global Craftsmanship page. Some of their items such as their silk tops are crafted entirely in the US (which also contributes to the heftier pricing).

  • Deliver 🥡 free ground shipping to the contiguous U.S.

  • Good Karma 🥠 you can opt to take part of the Lean Closet Movement when you complete your order. Cuyana sends you a cloth bag and return label, which you return with your items for donation. In turn, Cuyana credits you $10.

minor meddling: what could be better

  • Pricing 🍜I think Cuyana hits a great price point for its accessories (bags just under $200, pouches $110), it’s hard for me to plunge into their clothing line. While I understand their intentions of producing higher quality items without the mass production runs, it’s hard for me to make those purchases when I know I can snag similar items elsewhere with equal transparent and goal oriented manufacturing.

Overall, I like what Cuyana stands for. While I haven’t invested in more clothing pieces, the message itself has encouraged me to be more thoughtful about where my clothes are coming from and whether I really need another t-shirt.