Jack Erwin serving 🥟🥡🍜🥢

S often travels for work and through the years has discovered quite a few d2c brands he routinely goes back to. A few years ago, he needed to replace his dress shoes but couldn’t decide if he was going to splurge on a pricier $500 pair in exchange for better quality until he came upon Jack Erwin.  At $195/pair for handcrafted leather shoes, S is a fan and always looking to expand his collection.

  • Quality 🥟 It’s been a few years, but with regular care and shoe trees, S’ shoes have maintained form. He used to wear through the sides of his shoes from aggressively walking through the streets of NYC, but his pair of Willy brown shoes have persisted. His $115 Parker suede loafers have retained shape since he was gifted them two years ago.
  • Deliver 🥡shipping & returns are free within the 48 contiguous states.
  • Pricing 🍜 the founders realized that without wholesale pricing, they could net a nice margin at a $195 price point with $80 at cost. Other d2c brands price around $300-500 range.
  • Customers 🥢 a repeat customer, S is really happy with the long lasting and stylish options. To me, Jack Erwin fills a niche that @Everlane could if they offered men’s shoes.        

minor meddling: what could be better

  • Transparency 🍚 while their blog takes you into their factory in Spain, I was unable to find how materials are sourced.
  • Good Karma 🥠 their pricing for quality is arguably a good deed in itself but wasn’t able to find anything here.