My Grana Grumblings

Grana is based in Hong Kong and competes against the likes of Everlane and Cuyana. I stumbled across their San Francisco pop-up in 2015 where their $45 silk blouses made me do a double take. Over the last few years, I have continued to add pieces to my wardrobe but find myself looking less when it’s time to replace key items. I want to be in fair in my pricing assessment of their products, since they are now in line with how Everlane charges, but I find the dramatic change from 2016 to 2018 to be a bit puzzling. Was it the new round of funding and investors that pushed Grana to raise prices? Or were the economics just never sustainable for their business? Either way, Grana is serving up  🥡🥟 🥢

  • Deliver 🥡I was mixed on this category, but since Grana ships to over 60 countries (I’m looking at you Everlane), I gave it a thumbs up. The caveat being, if you’re in the U.S., standard shipping is $12 for orders under $100 and expect delivery to take anywhere from a few days to two weeks (they use the local post office for last mile delivery). Keep that in mind if you’re expecting your new threads for a specific date. I haven’t tried to return anything yet, but fair warning there is a stringent deadline and additional costs if you choose this route.

  • Quality 🥟 for the most part, I have found Grana’s silk products eclipse the quality of the materials used in the blouses I have worn from J. Crew or Banana Republic. The silk has a nice weight to it and has withstood years of wear without thinning or discoloration. Unlike Everlane’s silk blouses, Grana’s run a slightly shorter in length and a bit slimmer. For comparison, I wear a size 0 in Everlane and like the fit of the XS in Grana. I had an issue with a silk camisole a few months ago where the strap became detached after one wear; Grana simply refunded my amount while I had my local dry cleaner fix the break. I have also delved into their denim and cotton shirts but have Marie Kondo’d those items to the Goodwill mostly due to the fit and lack of elasticity retainment (particularly the jeans).

  • Customers 🥢 my interactions with Grana’s customer service are limited to when I emailed them that the camisole had broken after one wear. They inquired to whether I had thrown it in the washing machine, and after assuring them I hadn’t, they promptly refunded my amount and let me keep the top.

minor meddling: what could be better

  • Pricing 🍜 I’m not sure there is improvement needed in this area. I am mostly just puzzled on how to rate this since I bought blouses for $45 in 2016, and the comparable top is sold today at $85. What’s more annoying are the routine “sales” that essentially bring the tops down closer to 2016 pricing. In mid-2017, Grana publicly announced they were raising prices, but that post mentions an increase of $4-10 on most items, not a nearly 100% adjustment on some of their key staples such as their silk blouses. Arguably, I am being ridiculous because at $85, it’s still cheaper than the $110 Everlane and $125 J. Crew tops, but it’s the emphasis of “honest pricing” that repeatedly treads through Grana’s brand that gets me. Maybe I’ll get over it the next time I need a new top and find myself scrounging their site. 

  • Transparency 🍚 Grana touts a formidable logistics and ethical factory production supply chain, but to find more information, I resulted to searching the interwebs to only come across equally vague broad statements. Their site depicts links to take you into their factories, but some of those links just take you directly to their own products pages. While I give them some benefit of the doubt that their practices and decision to minimize retail stores as a cost effective way to pass price savings to their customers, I cannot confidently confirm in execution this is being done.  

  • Good Karma 🥠 unaware of any charitable efforts

Grana has been a confusing one to meddle with. On one hand, I am approaching three years of pretty regular wear of their silk blouses and this skirt, but I don’t think I would look into their products today without being able to try them on in-store first and picking them up on “sale”. If you are interested in checking them out, you can get 10% off your first order or check them directly for any promotions.