Why the Medlare?

Having spent the better part of 10 years moving from one constrained apartment to another, I impressively continue to accrue bins of momentarily useful items. There was the Target run for vitamins that resulted with a set of dumbbells, nail polish, and wool laundry balls; and the 6 item Amazon order, which shamefully arrived in 4 different packages a day apart, each with some plastic filler. As we have gotten older, S and I have tried to be more thoughtful about our purchasing power and method.  Growing up, the satisfaction of having something new and often enough polluted all the nooks and crannies within my room. Even now, I donate bags of apparel, some unworn with tags adorned.

In the last few years, my habits have oscillated from accessibility and frugality to utility and longevity. That’s not to say I’ve completely shifted to solely direct-to-consumer (dtc) brands or slow fashion, but I’d like to believe that the time spent understanding how and why things are made has helped me better decide whether it makes sense to purchase or forgo.  

The purpose of this blog isn’t to encourage you to peruse and buy a bunch of things that would otherwise replace or add to your daily life. It’s also not about saying no to traditional brick and mortar stores. I want to share the products and brands my household has found to align with our quest to slowly incorporate higher quality, but fairly priced products. Throughout the discovery, we have begun to weigh multiple variables including a more transparent understanding of how items are produced and delivered. My intention is not to boast about the things we own or dictate why these products deliver value, but to give an honest perspective of why they are a part of our lives. Of the 25 upcoming brands to be reviewed, about 1/5 are fairly recent purchases (within the last 6 months), with the majority having been purchased within the last 5+ years.

Thank you for taking the time to follow along. I hope that by sharing these reviews, you can derive what matters most to your consumption habits and discover some cool companies along the way.  

medlare menu

How does the medlare measure success?  Only the best brands provide a full dim sum meal.