The Sill serving 🥟🍜🥢

The Sill strives to grow green thumbs in a simple stress free way.  As a serial plant killer, the Sill has been a welcomed direct-to-consumer experience complete with an online guide to plant care and tailored shrubbery to best fit your lifestyle.  If you fear the IRL encounters that would otherwise expose your plant ignorance, the Sill is the digital resource to keep your leafy friends healthy, hydrated, and most importantly non-toxic for your furry friends.

  • Quality 🥟 plants arrived healthy and ready to be shown off. The accompanying guide provided enough insight on how to keep these cuties thriving.

  • Pricing 🍜 the plants come with a variety of planter options (you can also purchase them separately). With mini succulents ~$10 and medium sized plants ~$49, the planter inclusion is a steal.

  • Customers 🥢 The Sill is keen on spreading the green. There are guides and references to helping you select and care for your plants. They host a generous 30-day return policy in the event you realize your paths no longer converge. Finally, there is a 1-year guarantee on some succulents in the event of demise.

minor meddling: what could be better

  • Transparency 🍚the site lists each plant’s origin and preferred environment; however, it’s unclear where and how the plants you receive are sourced.

  • Deliver 🥡shipping is free if you spend $75+ (which is typically at least two products); I had trouble tracking and receiving the first plant order and while the Sill’s customer service was responsive, they were unable to provide any guidance aside from if the plants weren’t delivered in a specific timeframe they would refund the order (which is what ultimately happened).

  • Good Karma 🥠not aware of any charity efforts here, but we appreciate the general green conscience and oxygen production associated with household plants.

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