Why our home became Keap-ers

Born in Brooklyn like the Medlare herself, Keap allows you to order sample kits of their candles for $12, and then apply that amount to a full sized candle order.  Not only are their candles cozy, yummy, and sourced with clean ingredients, Keap is a certified B corp, with 25% of their profits going to SolarAid in their Buy a Candle Light a Home program. I recently made our household an every 2 month subscriber for a seasonal candle and couldn’t be happier!

  • Quality 🥟 My nose has been pleasantly shocked by how Keap candles can fill a room with its scent but not overwhelm or overpower you. I’ve been impressed with how long the first candle (fig) I bought has lasted despite my repeated use to mask the smell of our dog. The candles are made of coconut and soy wax, with a focus on pure, sustainable, and simple ingredients.

  • Pricing 🍜 these candles target the subsection of cozy homebodies who have shelled out $65 for a Diptyque jar (6.5 oz). Single orders of Keap candles (7.4 oz) are $39.50. They have a subscription model where you can select for every 1,2, or 3 months at $29.50/candle. At the time I subscribed, the package priced candles at $28 and Keap emailed existing subscribers that they would retain their original subscription pricing despite the minimal increase.

  • Customers 🥢 I have not had a reason to return or need assistance with my orders, but Keap has been forthcoming and friendly. Each of my candles has arrived with a handwritten thank you note addressed to me as well as additional samples. Online, I have pestered Keap a few times to better understand their sustainability practices and recommendations on how to upcycle, and they are incredibly responsive and and helpful.

  • Transparency 🍚 Keap’s transparency into their process makes me want to redo the threshold on this menu category for all prior reviewed items. They truly embrace divulging how their candles are made from the scent discovery process all the way to the compostable packaging components that their candles are delivered in. For an in depth look into their processes, head over to their website or take a dive inside through their instagram stories. They even give you tips on how to safely reuse the candle jars once you’ve burned away.   

  • Good Karma 🥠 Keap donates 25% of their net profits to the SolarAid project, which works to bring people onto the electrical grid. Keap is also a certified B corporation and committed to improving upon their sustainable impact.  

minor meddling: what could be better

  • Deliver 🥡I have surmised that shipping costs are an achilles heel, especially for smaller companies trying to compete against the likes of the big box stores who throw free shipping coupons like Mardi Gras boat queens. As a subscriber, shipping costs are complimentary but with Keap’s recent price increase, one-off orders will need to be more than $50 to get free shipping. So find a local friend, and buy yourselves each a candle to make that shipment worth it! Right now, Keap is only available for shipping within the United States, but I’m excited to see how and when they expand.