who is the medlare?


Who is the medlare?

Swedish for mediator-- the medlare is anything and everything in between.  It’s the mother who knows best and the friend with endless unsolicited advice.  Devoted to discovering new direct to consumer (d2c) brands, the medlare strives to be the middle(wo)man who evaluates brands and products using a highly sophisticated appetite for dim sum. See the menu here.

The medlare strives to bring you an honest, unsponsored opinion on our favorite products that we have been using for years or are just now discovering.  We add affiliate links when brands offer discounts to help pass those savings on to you.  Realistically, the affiliate commission is typically structured to be used with the specific brand, and while it would be nice to be generating funds from this endeavor our goal is to incorporate new, different, mission-driven products that become an integral part of our lives. 

We are always interested in learning more about which direct-to-consumer products have found a place in your routine.  Please feel free to drop us a line at hello@themedlare.com or on Instagram. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter below.